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Vic Wiegand, J.D.
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100% of Practice is Dedicated to Litigation
We are a full service criminal defense law practice, located in Cumming, GA, committed to protecting our client's interests. The Law Office of Vic Wiegand handles all types of criminal charges from driver's license issues to the most serious and complex felony case.
With 20 years experience practicing Criminal Defense Law, Vic Wiegand has maintained a comfortable working relationship with local prosecutors, judges, and courthouse administration. We focus on providing  client centered quality representation and we believe everyone is entitled to respect, discretion, and an expert defense.
Mr. Wiegand has successfully litigated cases that have been featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Forsyth County News. He is a courtroom-tested trial lawyer with a proven record of achieving excellent results. He also understands the need to resolve some cases quickly and quietly without the need for a trial.
If you have been arrested or think you are being investigated by law enforcement, do not  waste any time, contact us  and start your plan of action today.

Client Testimonials
Very Satisfied!
I was arrested on major felony charges. Vic Wiegand filed motions to suppress and got ALL my charges dismissed. Very satisfied!
B.W. - Former client
Fantastic Lawyer
Mr. Wiegand practically saved my life. I was looking at serious prison time, but Vic took my case before a jury and I was found not guilty on all counts. Fantastic lawyer.
S.A. - Former client
A Credit To His Profession
Vic expertly handled my case. He is truly a credit to his profession.
B.P. -Former client
Not Guilty
It only took 20 minutes for the jury to come back not guilty on my case.
E.K. - Former client
Good Job
I thought you did a good job. Hopefully I won't need your services in the future, but I will certainly contact you again if ever I do. I will also refer any friends I know to you who find themselves in the same predicament as I did.
W.P. -Former client
Simply The Best
Simply the best. After leaving the lake I was stopped at a roadblock by the Georgia State Patrol and got charged with DUI and Open Container. Mr. Wiegand got the entire case thrown out, his office was great.
M.P. -Former client
Exceeds Expectations
I strongly would recommend Mr. Wiegand's services to any client seeking legal counsel that far exceeds expectations beyond the norm. Mr. Wiegand maintains a current and vast knowledge of the law. As a client, I was able to rest assured that my case was thoroughly considered and no details were ignored. I had complete confidence that Mr. Wiegand explored every avenue possible in my case, leaving no doubt in my mind that his work was pursued in excellence. His character and integrity will not settle for sub par work. I would absolutely, 100%, without a doubt retain his services again.
C.H. -Former client
Great Lawyer
You are a great lawyer. You did everything for me and really went out of your way to help me. I appreciate everything you did for me.
S.C. -Former client
Outstanding Results
I have known Mr. Wiegand for over 15 years, originally working with him through the court system, and later as a client.
While working for the court, I observed Mr. Wiegand's professionalism, work ethic, preparation and overall respect for the system and his clients. Since that time, I have turned to Mr. Wiegand countless times for legal advice, consultation and handling of legal issues. Mr. Wiegand handled the legal cases within a matter of weeks with outstanding results. Mr. Wiegand is always available to me to answer any legal questions and provide solid and accurate consultation. On occasions where my questions relate to services outside of his practice area, he is willing to assist in finding an attorney specializing in the needed area.

Mr. Wiegand will continue to be my first choice for any legal issues. I highly recommend Mr. Wiegand to anyone in need of legal services within his areas of legal expertise.
T.S. -Former client
Thank You
I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for our family. Thank you so much for being patient and tolerating me when I was emotional. You were very kind and helpful.
M.K (J.S.) -Former client


"Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue."

Berry Goldwater