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Drug trafficking is a grave offense in the state of Georgia, carrying severe penalties. As an experienced Georgia criminal defense attorney, Vic Wiegand has defended clients against a variety of drug offenses including accusations of drug trafficking.

The Georgia Code Title 16, Section 16-13-31 statute (O.C.G.A § 16-13-31) defines the crime of drug trafficking as the illegal transportation, distribution, or sale of controlled substances specifically mentioning trafficking in cocaine, illegal drugs, marijuana, or methamphetamine.

It defines the penalties for individuals convicted of drug trafficking as drug trafficking is a felony.


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Penalties In Georgia for Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking refers to the illegal trade and distribution of significant amounts of controlled substances. The quantity of drugs involved plays a crucial role in determining the severity of the penalties. The law categorizes controlled substances into different schedules based on their potential for abuse and medical use, with Schedule I substances considered the most dangerous.

• Schedule I drugs are drugs with no current medical use, per analysis by the DEA and FDA, and carry a high potential for abuse and addiction. For example, heroin, LSD, ecstasy, and marijuana.

• Schedule II drugs are drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine, hydrocodone (Vicodin), and opium. Opium has many derivatives, including morphine, codeine, oxycodone, and heroin. Some Schedule II drugs can be legally obtained with a prescription, and some have no medical use, such as cocaine and methamphetamine.

Penalties for drug trafficking in Georgia can be harsh and escalate based on the type and quantity of drugs involved.

Here are some examples of the penalties for drug trafficking convictions:

1. Trafficking in Cocaine: Possessing 28 grams or more of cocaine or any mixture containing cocaine is considered trafficking. The penalties for cocaine trafficking include a mandatory minimum prison sentence of ten years and fines of up to $200,000.

2. Trafficking in Heroin: Possessing four grams or more of heroin is considered trafficking. The penalties for heroin trafficking include a mandatory minimum prison sentence of five years and fines of up to $100,000.

3. Trafficking in Methamphetamine: Possessing 28 grams or more of methamphetamine or any mixture containing methamphetamine is considered trafficking. The penalties for methamphetamine trafficking include a mandatory minimum prison sentence of ten years and fines of up to $200,000.

4. Trafficking in Marijuana: Possessing ten pounds or more of marijuana is considered trafficking. The penalties for marijuana trafficking include a mandatory minimum prison sentence of five years and fines of up to $100,000.

It is important to note that these penalties can increase significantly if larger quantities of controlled substances are involved or if aggravating circumstances, such as prior convictions, are present.

Defense Against Charges of Drug Trafficking

Given the severity of the penalties for drug trafficking in Georgia, individuals facing such charges should seek our immediate legal representation. Consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney like Vic Wiegand is crucial for understanding the specific details of the case, building a strong defense strategy, and exploring potential alternatives to imprisonment.

We will explore the ways we can defend you from these types of charges. We will challenge the prosecution’s evidence including witness testimony and any evidence seized through a search. Evidence seized in violation of the Fourth Amendment cannot be used in a court of law.

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