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Probation Revocation

If you are on probation in Forsyth County or elsewhere and you are at risk of your probation being revoked, we may be able to help. The prosecutors may move to revoke someone’s probation for many reasons, such as:

– Failed drug screens
– Failure to report to the probation officer as required
– Behind on required payments, community service, or classes
– Committing a new offense

If you have been accused of a Violation of Probation for any reason, call the Law Office of Vic Wiegand, Esq., and let’s try and resolve the matter quickly. We consistently defend clients accused of Violation of Probation with tough-minded and determined litigation. We can help you too. You need an experienced lawyer to protect your rights and fight for you so you do not have your probation revoked.

A Probation Revocation can result in revoking the balance of the time you have on probation to be served while incarcerated. If you were sentenced under OCGA § 42-8-60, the First Offenders Act, you could be re-sentenced up to the maximum penalty for the original offense.

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